It’s All About You

Let’s spend some time to converse and reason together. Shall we?

Thank you.

This conversation shall be about you. Yes, you heard me. You! Who else is there to dedicate a conversation to if not you? You are all I’ve got!

So let’s not waste precious time and get to it already.

Often times you wonder why you have to go through one accident or the other. It is only right to feel let down by physical, mental and spiritual forces. After all, we exist only in these three, right? Through these struggles, you realize you are nothing but a pawn on a chess board at the expense of the chess master (s). Some of us are knights, some kings, some queens, and some nobles while some are just ordinary plain expendable men. We call them average these days, mind you. Since they have rejected being called ordinary, we can only pacify their wounded egos. I fall under this category.

Now let’s continue. When these misfortunes befall you, you tend to retreat into your slippery cocoons hoping for the next stroke of fate. It is only natural. In there, you are afforded the luxury of thought. You get the whole time in the world (your personal world I mean) to think it through. Why your personal world? Well, it is because the clock of the larger world has never been kind enough to linger around for you. There you think, think and think some more. There you wonder why everything is working like a maniac grandfather clock that is being tussled by the raging storm outside the house. In there, you try to fathom why your enemy stabbed you in the back; howbeit with a feather – which you should be able to live with. What you couldn’t live with, you think, is your best buddy using the back-knife to eat your yam. Literally translated from my mother tongue (Yoruba); “O fi obe eyin je e nisu”. Here you think about your past creeping up with your present and threatening to rip you of a blissful future. Still in there, you then melancholically tear down your whole life and carefully but hearteningly pick up the useful pieces one after the other. Then you come out as an inspired giant ready to meet your troubles in a frontal attack like the legendary Jawaharlal Nehru hoped to, determined to win. I always love this part.

Before I proceed, it is only fair to let you know that there is nothing bad in receding into oblivion or if you like, the cave, once in a while to think, refocus and re-strategize. After all, what fool leap before he thinks? So the next time you feel like running away, please do well to remove your footwear and unwind your flowing cloak. The track is all yours.

So, where were we? Let’s just continue. Who is keeping track anyway.

Life isn’t fair. Oh yes, everybody knows that. It never has and it never will. I guess that’s its way of telling us to buckle up and sow right. Life is a faithful and just employer. It never owes anyone, never fails to pay its workers their due wages. You sow discord, be sure to expect miseries. You sow happiness, be certain of genuine smiles – they might sometimes be mixed with tears though. But as they say, the day they meet is probably the best day of your life.

Now let’s burrow deeper. How many of you have stopped believing in yourself? You have stopped trying to make it work after several unsuccessful attempts to make headway? You went on your knees, cried your eyes out when all you’ve carefully and painstakingly worked for for years crumbled in just one avalanche of woes? Or you watched one single person you hold dear to your heart and love to the gallows walk out of the door of your life like you never meant shit to them? It’s alright. I don’t blame you. Hope delayed wearies the soul, I think I understand. I sympathize with you. It is only fair; after all, we are still humans.

So what happened? Tell me, did you wish the ground would open up and gulp you? I’m sure you did. Did it? No? Let’s take that as a sign. It means you won’t always get what you want. Yes, you heard me. You will never always get what you want. Nobody wins all the time, only the times that matter. Imagine a world where everyone gets what he/she wants? Imagine the cyber-thief getting everything he wants every time? Imagine the politician getting what he covets always? Imagine the philanthropist getting everything he wishes for always? Imagine the baby getting always everything he/she fancies? Imagine the Casanova getting everything he yearns for? Imagine students getting everything they hanker after? Imagine the sex maniac getting everything he craves for? Imagine you getting everything you ever think of? Imagine every man with a magic wand that magically provides whatever he desires at the mention of the magic word, Abracadabra! It’s scary? Yeah, I reckon. So next time it didn’t work out the way you planned it, just move on. It was never meant to work out. When next you feel let down by someone or something, know that your world is incomplete without them letting you down. It is just a tunnel before the light. You don’t disembark from the train when inside the tunnel because it’s too dark, do you? So learn to sit it out and wait for your train to rail out of the dark. It was never meant to last forever. Catch my drift?

This conversation will be incomplete if I fail to mention how important you are to the world. Yes. You are very important to the world. The world will most definitely go on without you in it, but it is better because you are in it. Think of the smiles and the tears you brought to your faithful friends the next time you walk down the streets. Imagine your life through the dreamy eyes of the little boy you assisted on your way to your probably boring work. Seat down and let it all come back to you like the swirling of the hurricane at its height. Never be sorry for yourself or for the next (wo)man beside you. Through sorrows and disappointments, we have woven out a pattern of graceful beauty for ourselves, right in the midst of hunger, diseases, failed governance, and the whole lot. You believe in a better society? Welcome to the party. Never forget, the world is a better place to your neighbor because you are in it. Life is worth giving a try. Why do you have to live like a zombie going through everyday life as a robotized Chiti will? Remember the film? Live life and enjoy living it. Someone out there is thanking his/her chi for your life. You are never a mistake or a by-product. You might be expendable, but you are invaluable.

Before I shake you goodbye, these are my parting words. Never be afraid of yourself or of who you are and might be. Your imagination is your greatest weapon; use it and use it well. I tell myself once in a while that the only thing I fear is my imagination; my capacity to imagine. But then, it is the only thing I have. I don’t fear my capacity to love or read. It’s normal to feel threatened by what you are capable of. However, develop yourself to the point that you embrace and utilize your existence. Do not put a lid on yourself. I have discovered that some people never succeeded because they feared their future while some succeeded momentarily because they got overwhelmed by the sheer greatness of what they were capable of. Your fear shouldn’t be of yourself. Should you need to fear anything or anyone, fear God.

Let me stop here. I’m always around the corner should you need me. Just email me. You see, I am shy. Yes, I grow cold feet before a crowd. So, I leave you in the hand of …… you. No one can save or hurt you except you. God himself requests your submission and permission before coming into your life. Till we meet again next week, don’t stop loving yourself and keep the torch aloft.

Did I introduce myself? Oh silly me! My apologies please! Ladies and gentlemen, friends and fans, call me the conversationalist and this, is the conversation.