I want to welcome you to my month, JUNE! Like I always say, cheers to your greatness this new month!

This morning, can we quickly discuss the unnoticed, unspoken realities of that phrase, “I’ll figure something out.”

It seemed a simple statement at the time you said it, but little did you know, it was a great move by you.

More times than you hoped for or could manage, you had been put in difficult situations… And more often likewise, you hadn’t had ready answers, quick solutions nor silver linings.

Yet, you rose to the occasion, sometimes beginning with those words, “I’ll figure something out.”

I need you to know that was neither easy nor ordinary.

With those words, you chose patience over fear. You chose practicality over instinct.

With those words, you sent a signal of hope to everyone. They realize they could trust you not to rush headlong nor be rash with decisions.

Yes, you decided to do what most won’t do; take a step back to consider your options – even when you were not aware of it.

You chose to hear twice; first from the situation/others, and then from your inner self as you contemplate your next action.

That is really commendable. It goes to show how much self-aware you are. Well done.

Please, don’t stop saying, “I’ll figure something out.”

You exude confidence, optimism, and strength of character that way.

You accepted your vulnerability; that you won’t always have the answers immediately, but you can be counted on to come through.

You don’t realize it, but that took guts.

Well done.

In the wise words of Bo Bennet, “Think before you act, and act on what you believe.”

Think about that.

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