IF ONE DAY; One Good Help Deserves Another

Have you ever needed help from someone, you reached out but they weren’t available to give you? Like, you called them on phone and they were not picking up or sent a WhatsApp message or text but no reply?

What did you do? Moved on to the next person that could help you?

I cannot blame you for that, there’s dynamics to this helping thing, after all. However, the first person you reached out but didn’t reply, did you go back to find out why?

Or you assumed they must have been busy or if you were the entitled type, you felt they were ‘feeling themselves’?

Read this above poem, If One Day by Robert J. Lavery.
You see, you should start considering the possibility that the people you reach out to for help probably need you too.

The strongest of us aren’t always strong. We have bad days, and that’s okay. Perhaps they’ve been so strong, to ask for help appears as weakness. Perhaps they need you.

Please return the favour and help them, even when they don’t ask first.

One good turn deserves another, after all. Right?!

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