I shared an article yesterday, He Will Hold Me Fast, inspired by a hymnal with the same name about a period of my life. Since yesterday, that song has echoed in my mouth and heart continually.

But this morning, I caught myself singing, he will hold me BACK. It shocked me!

I did a double take and wondered where that come from. Again, I realize, the will to keep a positive attitude, a sane mind and a healthy mental health is not devoid of mental attacks.

That every time you tell yourself, “I am loved”, something reminds you of when you were sheepishly jilted; used and dumped. You tell yourself, “I am rich”, and your subconscious displays your account balance in your mind; how you sleep hungry & eat dissatisfactory.

You tell yourself, “God is on my side” and you remember that one time you prayed and He didn’t answer you and you ended up getting messed up. The battle is real, you know that. The struggle is always.

However, in those times, please remind yourself, “I’ve already won!” Like, you are human to have such thoughts even when it seems you are bouncing. Yet, you are still so much divine that you fight from victory, not for victory.

And like we learnt in our #Touchstones series yesterday, we join the forces that are on our side. Oniduro is on your side. He’s your guarantor; once & for all.


Writing that article yesterday, I never could have imagined it would have that much comforting effect; from the feedback I’ve got as comments, in my DM and even from my WhatsApp stories.


As it were, I simply wrote…

There must be something you really wanted to do, could do and should be doing but ‘what if’ will not let you shine.

What if nobody finds it okay?! What if it gets no reaction?! What if I failed?! What if it goes unnoticed like a snake’s path over a rock?! What if this, what if that?!

Leave the ‘what if’ and just do it. For one, you will never know until you do it. Second, there is someone out there, at least one, who heard you, saw you and took a mental note.

That is, you are saving in a deposit box! You are wetting the ground to retain your seed-hold. One day, you’ll will do something that will blow your mind away but you are forgiven to forget that one thing did the blowing. No, it doesn’t happen that way, most times.

Like Nike would say, JUST DO IT.

Do it for one. You’ve already won, after all.

Happy holiday, and cheers to your greatness!


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