It was in part three, OAU (2013). I had a mini laptop. I think it was Lenovo.

This is how I remember it.

I was at the English Department lobby having just finished writing a poem. I think it was about the way people see things around them. Not sure, but it was a long one.

I finished the poem, saved it and proceeded to do other things. Suddenly the system restarted. It shocked me. I didn’t do that, but then I quickly shoved it off and waited for it to restart. Stuff happens, I guess.

But you can guess I wasn’t smiling again when it finished restarting and all I saw was a blue screen. I was looking at the system screen, it blue-eyed back at me. Now, that scared me. I mean, nothing like that had happened to me before.I tried forcefully restarting it by long-pressing the power button. It went off. I pressed it again and waited for it to come on. Trust me, I remembered I was hoping for a miracle. I wished it was just a glitch that a simple restart could correct.

It came back on with a blue screen. Okay! This shii is real! I removed the battery and repeated the process. Same story. Blue face! Jejely, I closed the thing and returned to Awo annex, my room.I ruminated about a couple of things that could have happened or that I could do, probably to retrieve whatever was on it.

Mind you, I didn’t have much on it except lots of poems (and articles) and more lots of movies.

Class assignments and group works were already submitted. I wasn’t at stake of losing any mark or face with any classmate over a document that was saved on my system or something. The only thing at stake was my creativity bank! I lost a lot of deposit of years works!


So, I did the next best thing. I went to New Buka. Found an engineer, he said it was an hard disk something, I guess. He asked me if the hard disk was partitioned? Parti-what?! I didn’t know, so I said it probably wasn’t as all I had was Local Disc C. Lorokan, he fixed it and helped me to partition the something.

Now, I had Local Disc C: and Recovery D:. He advised me to always keep my important documents (poems) in the recovery section. If I ever had issues with my hard disc, they would be safe and recoverable. So, I created a folder on the recovery, Dhe Pen (that was my pen name. I have had a blog).

And then, I continued writing. Again. And again. I wasn’t exactly trying to make up for what I had lost, but I remember writing a lot.About 75% of the poems in my anthology, Colours of Identity are the products of that B.A (Begin Again) degree I got as reward from that experience.

Message: Always begin again. Regardless of how much you’ve lost, begin again. An exit is an entry.

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