They: “How much did that course cost you?”

Me: FREE. I registered during a free window.

Yeah, you heard me right. I did an online non-credit course authorised by the University of Virginia and offered through Coursera free of charge.

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Coursera but it was during a free window. I registered for two courses. I completed them, and got certificates for them.

During the class, few of the tasks we had to do were writing mission statements, choosing a board of directors, having an online space and niche, building a personal professional blog and all.

Now that I’m done with these courses, I’ve registered for two more but free window is closed. These other two courses, I get to do them free but must pay $49 for certificates.

If you ask me, I really don’t have $49, but I love the fact that I can actually take these courses, learn the content and practice them.

One of the courses I’m taking presently is Content Marketing. Do you know what CM is?

Point is, you don’t necessarily have to be boxed up to improve on your value and learn. What you need to be is on the look out for opportunities, and when they come, grab it.

Your friends will post links on WhatsApp. They’ll share posts on Facebook. Some of them will go as far as sending broadcast. Don’t look away.

There are online courses out there being offered for free, especially since the beginning of this period. Some come free with certification, others don’t.

To be fair though, we mostly have what it takes, DATA!
Use it well.


PS: Have you seen my introductory video yet? https://youtu.be/5DYYI4wkHUU