Back in OAU, there was a joke we commonly made of how each student was and is first, a local champion.

The school was (is still is – maybe) one of the best in the country, hence, it mostly accepts the best from thousands of applications.

However, once you step through ‘road one’ (the main entrance of the campus), you drop your medals at the gates and get ready to tough it out with the best if you would have any chance at all.

Interestingly, one of the first lessons, or worse, culture shock, you would face when you travel out of your country is, you are not THAT special! At least, not yet.

Because, once out, you will suddenly realize the game has changed. Therefore, there has been an upward change in level. Those extra things you used to do that stood you out before becomes common reaction for everyone…

The extra edges you have over others are suddenly taken away because everybody has it…

Worse, what you thought you knew best would suddenly turn to basics for most people…

Your reactions to events and people would suddenly need to be evaluated. Sometimes, because you are meeting new people with advanced thinking patterns, more solid and broad foundations and a type of worldview you didn’t even know existed or only saw in movies.

It’s like your software would need a total upgrade.

When this happens, remember two things; FOCUS & CHANGE.

Focus: remember where you are coming from; the process, people and circumstances surrounding your change of environment. Then zero in on the goal…

Change; accept the move mentally, click on the upgrade button and watch yourself change into a better version of yourself.

And if you are yet to travel out, do these;

  • From now, start (continue) thinking globally.
  • Measure your progress with global standards.
  • Build an international network of friendship – it helps to put things in perspective for you.
  • Increase your standard – at all cost, shun mediocrity. Enough is not always enough.
  • Don’t work harder, work smarter. There are lots of tools that can help simplify the process of your work with even greater results.

This way, you will plug into a global resource, increasing your global relevance, even while you are still local and would be ready to reduce the gulf between you and the world when you eventually leave your base country (temporarily or permanently).


When you do most of these, you will see your productivity increase mostly because you will have access to more factors of production.

Good morning, and have a great week.

Cheers to your global relevance!


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