How do you say, ‘I love you?’ in your language?

Okay, this is me rambling this morning.

I got on my laptop and came here, to my blog. To be honest, I don’t have anything in mind. I’m sure it will come to me sha.

While we wait, we are out of our dorms cause of COVID disinfectant. Like we used to say, our dorms are being ‘fogged’. On my left, some students are playing a card game. Two are in front of me pressing their phones. Behind me one is eating. It’s actually a very relaxed atmosphere – good for rambling.

Okay! Suddenly I remember what happened yesterday. You wanna hear, yeah?

So, I was cooking in the kitchen when another guy, who was cooking, asked me a question, out of the blues.

“Where are you from?”

Actually, I wasn’t surprised. I get the question popped at me quite often. I answered, “Nigeria.” Okay, I must confess, I was a little surprised at his next question:

“How do you say ‘I love you’ in your language?”

I thought for a second as I was considering whether to go for, “Mo n’ife e” or “Mo f’eran e“. I settled for the former.

Guess his reply? At about this time, I was already laughing, because I mean, even saying those words in Yoruba to your Yoruba friend or lover sounds somehow (lol).

So, he said, “Oh! So simple!”

And of course, he tried to pronounce it a couple of times, making sure I teach him how to pronounce it correctly. I’ll give him a B for efforts.

To understand better, please realize my  he speaks two languages (that I know of); he speaks Persian fluently (he’s Afghan), and Bahasa Indonesia moderately. Add moderate English to make it three. So, this is someone who speaks three language, two of them supposedly difficult with complex alphabet structure and writing style.


He must have been surprised at how few the letters were and how so much they resemble English when spelt out (I spelt them out).

Now that I write, I am suddenly reminded of how we express our love and love languages.

Is your love language simple? Are you easy to love? Or do you prefer the complex game of love and romantic expression?

With your partner, how easy is your love language spoken and understood? Do they have to go through levels like in a very difficult game to even scratch loving you right?

If your love language were a real language, what would it be? Think about some of the world’s most difficult and easiest languages, where would your love language be?

Of course, your love language might be simple but difficult when spoken by the wrong person? Or should I say, your love language could be very simple but looks and sounds difficult when spoken by someone who could speak it.

That is, you are almost never wrong in the way you want to be loved. It’s you, after all! As long as you are realistic about it, that is.

Okay, I should go.

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