Have you checked your email inbox today? The promotions & social folders? The SPAM folder?
People have lost/missed job interview requests, scholarship opportunities, online webinar notices, promo deals & sales, registration info, subscription confirmation all because they didn’t check their email in time.
I know of someone who applied to an organization, and was sent an email to confirm her acceptance. She opened the email four months after!!!

And no, you didn’t miss that opportunity because of village people. You simply didn’t check your emails. If you saw it, but due to other reasons couldn’t go ahead with it or you missed it by an heartbeat, maybe we can blame village people.
Every day; morning & night, check your mail box. Refresh. Delete. Reply. Forward. Do something.
Because you can’t find the email in your primary inbox does not mean you didn’t get it. Check your other folders. Always refresh your SPAM or JUNK folders. When you do this often, you are likely not to be inundated by the volume of unopened emails.
If you don’t know, while you are busy with social media and the likes, progressive thinkers are heavily investing into email marketing.
It’s direct, personal, and exclusive. It gives you a sense of importance & belonging, way more than social media.
It’s easy to be a fan on social media, but with emails, you are closer to being a friend and even family.
  • Develop an email culture today. Send random emails…
  • List 5 friends you can & would send an email to. Get them to reply…
  • Get friends & clients to send you documents & pictures through email… Don’t always shy from using emails, requesting they use WhatsApp or something.🤦🏾‍♂️
  • And of course, sign up to receive emails & newsletters from people and brands you trust and would love to read & learn from. Engage with them from time to time.
Email marketing is very important. For now & future. It’s both a learning package and a professional medium for you to put yourself out there in a more familiar, controlled environment.
Last words: check your emails daily. Remain creative.
©️ Deji Adeyemi
Personal Development. Branding.
Creativity. Inspiration.
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