You’ve heard of hatred by association, right?

When someone who’s your friend wants you to hate someone just because they hate them? Like, they try to recruit you into their Hatred Association of Whatever. Yeah, that’s the thing.

Okay! So yeah, there’s hatred by interpretation too.

That is, someone hears something about you from someone else and they relay it to you. But instead of telling you what they heard exactly, word for words, they only tell you their interpretation of what was said.

You know, like someone says ‘She’s big’ about you. And when they tell you, they interpret it as ‘She’s fat’ and that’s what they tell you. Yeah, that’s it!

OR I hear something about another person and I tell you, just for you to hate or dislike the person.

Sadly, it’s even more disastrous than hatred by association. The implication is that you genuinely hate the person, and you believe you do. This hatred is deep, and unfortunately, baseless.

With hatred by association, at least, you do it just to please someone. You might not believe it or even agree with it, but to fulfill your membership duty, you just hate the victim.

But in this case, you would genuinely hate the victim because you would have been led to believe what the person said is true. Hence, your reactions are founded on the biased or myopic interpretation of someone who probably harbors a resentment or grieve against the victim.

Now, you’ve been recruited to hatred!

Sometimes, the interpreter means no harm. They innocently tried to make sense of something, in which they eventually are wrong. And other times, the interpreter could be sinister about it; intentionally misleading you.

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However, the responsibility is on you as a person to rise above that pedestal and take away the power of influence away from the interpreter and the interpretation. How?

When next someone tells you another person is bad just cause of something they heard, tell them to tell you what they heard exactly, word for word.

If you don’t do that, you would be slave to an orientation you probably don’t share in, supporter of a cause you don’t hold true. Worse, go to the person and ask them to say to tour face what they said behind you. Ask nicely, please

Therefore, even if you would hate someone, at least, have the decency to form your own hate. Be like me, though; HATE NO ONE.

©️ Deji Adeyemi