Gotham City – Africa

Gotham City – Africa

An imagistic and prophetic song by legendary American musician, Robert Kelly which popularized such a euphoric place that very much sounds like paradise! It exceedingly inspires me to mull of such a city. Permit me to quote the lyrics as I progress.

I’m looking over the skyline of the city, how loud quiet nights in the mist of crime. How next door to happiness lives sorrow and signals of solution in the sky

Robert Kelly was vaguely providing a microscopic observation of Africa.

As described by the United Nations Millennium Project, 2006, Sub-Saharan Africa is “the epicenter of crisis, with continuing food insecurity, a rise of extreme poverty, stunningly high child and maternal mortality, and large numbers of people living is slums”. Right in the middle of the world’s perspective of Africa, we still seem to bubble with life’s enthusiasm and produce carnival-like atmospheres that tinge hopes and dreams. We even so have to deal with epidemics and under-development, battling paralyzed governments.

Still on the rampage is the dreaded Ebola Virus Disease that has plagued some African states, most notably Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. It is indeed a sad tale mixed with stints of joy. It is imperative at this point to appreciate the government of Nigeria for its prompt response to the disease. Kudos also goes to developed countries and wealthy individuals that have promptly risen to the gradual genocide. Efforts of international organizations such as United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), ECOWAS amongst others are highly recognized and appreciated.

More pitiable is the undeniable fact that above, within and underneath us lay solutions to our myriad of challenges. From the profuse mineral resources in the soil, to the natural atmospheric privileges we enjoy and even in the human resources we seem unsure of how to utilize. It is only fair to be exploited.

Really we need a city like Gotham.

How sleeping awake because of fear, how children are drowning in their tears. How we need a place where we can go. A land where everyone will have a hero

However, despite these stories of poverty, we have remained strong.

“Yet in the middle of stormy weather, we won’t stumble and we won’t fall.”

True. Plagued by economic exploitation by more powerful countries, Africa has remained indivisible and ensured the survival of its pride. It is but a matter of time before we emerge shining as gold mined in South Africa.

So where then is our Gotham City? Where is that city of justice, city of love, city of peace for every one of us? Where is that land flowing with heroes of history, legends of culture and brave warriors?

“The future we desire is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The path is not found but made and the activity changes both the maker and the destination” – Peter Ellyard.

I have no iota of doubt that Africa is the land. Gotham is not Eldorado already prepared, waiting for us to occupy. Our Gotham is a modern city where we build, plan from the tears of our trying times and the sweats of our unity. Our Gotham is Africa where we transform with conscious developmental projects and economic giant leaps.

Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Love, Happiness, Peace are virtues that lie deep within us waiting to be revived and placed on the rooftops.

I know of young African minds like Japheth Omojuwa, Rotimi Olawale of, 2face, Dbanj, Ebenezer Wikina, Kehinde Tunde (formerly) of Jumia, the list goes on. These and many more are the hope of Africa.

To foreign communities, we know what we need. Aliko Dangote of Nigeria, Africa’s richest man in a recent interview said and I quote, “Africa needs trade, not aids”. No further explanations needed, you would agree.

I know a place that offers shelter, I know Gotham City, that place is called Africa. I believe in Africa, our embryonic Gotham city. I believe in Nigeria. I believe in me! I am African and I am proud!

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