Twice have I lost my way in the Supermall now that ended with looking for the right things in the wrong places!

First was me looking for McDonald’s. My Nigerian brother told me it was cheaper than Burger King. He described where it was for me. Unfortunately for me, the only thing I heard was ‘mall’.

There was I, in the mall, looking for McDonald’s. I put it on Google map, walking towards it. But the more I walk, it was like the place was moving too; away.

I walked and walked, climbing and coming down escalators like someone lost. Oh yeah, I was lost. Last last, I gave up. Apparently, he only used the mall as a marker, not inside the building.

Second time was me looking for IndoMart to pay for an online delivery when pay-on-delivery didn’t work. My roommate told me about the place, but did the same thing: used the mall as a marker.

I went to the mall, logged in to Google maps, walking around like I was just gonna bump into it like Christopher Columbus discovering America.

What surprised even me was how on earth I walked around for almost 2 hours! I was stubborn to find it by myself, trusted Google; tech!

How did it end?! I called my roommate, and all it needed was a redirection by him; a human being. The mart was right outside the mall; I literally walked past it going into the mall!

Same with McDonald’s. It was outside the mall! Last weekend, my Kenyan friends and I walked there to have some weekend fun.

Now that I think about it, I have always been an advocate of Google. Like I would say, “don’t ask me if Google could answer”.

These two experiences, however, reminded how differently I could have gone about it.

● Get the right descriptions and clearly!

>> When in doubt, ask the right people!

● When lost, stubbornness is not the next decision.

>> Markers are different from real places.

● Lastly, you can never replace human beings with tech: no matter how sophisticated it is.

Friends and people around you would still be the arms of comfort you would run into when tech fails you.

I hope you are reminded that when next you need to choose between people and tech.

Good afternoon.

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