I studied English Language in OAU. Before this, I had the choice of studying Law. I like to think I was smart enough to study law and do well, but I chose not to because of a misconception I had – I believed lawyers were arguers. I mean, I believed everything about law was argument, and as a person, I dislike arguments.


Of course I was wrong and ill-informed, but that didn’t stop me from putting in for English. Later, I realized my folly but I had already found joy in English Language as a writer. Years down the lane, I must agree that I have found myself restricted as I sometimes I wonder what my life will be if I had studied Law.

There are many people out there who regret small, complex decisions that turned out to be big deals. Who to trust, who to love, how much to share, what friends to keep etcetera. Some of these decisions turned out really bad; unwanted pregnancies, disconnect from family, loss of job, drastic change in fortune or purpose, poverty, even death. Because of this, they tend to regress into blaming themselves.


Sadly, this is one of the causes of depression. We blame ourselves for the bad things that happen to us, thanking God for the good things. God does no wrong, we assure ourselves. So, when bad things happen, it must be our doing. Relax. While God does no wrong, it is not impossible that things go awry for you at His behest. He might not have caused it, but He knows about it. If he, therefore, allows it, He must have a greater plan in mind – one you don’t necessarily see immediately.



While you wallow in pity, dejection and depression, I can imagine God looking on you with love and telling you, “Hold on a little bit, my son/daughter. I have a plan.” My life once took a drastic turn due to another misconception I had. I seem to have had a lot of misconceptions, you might say. Trust me, it wasn’t an easy road getting here. Eventually though, I am here today only because of Him.


So, please, while I’m not encouraging you to lay the blame at His feet when things go wrong for you, you must realize that He knows about it and allowed it. Therefore, trust Him. While you thank Him for the good things and many blessings, the same principle applies; He knows about them and allowed them too. Therefore, trust him.


Reminds me the lyrics of a song. He is God of the mountain, He is God in the valley. He is God of the good times, He is also God in the bad times. When things go wrong as He has allowed it, He’ll make them right. If not immediately, trust Him, He always will.


Don’t give in to depression. Keep the faith. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Interestingly, He’s God of the day and God of the night too. Say NO to suicide.


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