GOD CAN. What more shall I say?!

I was in a program yesternight, where the preacher said only God is worthy of our fear. He said to remind us that when we fear God, he takes care of us not just because he can, but because he loves us.

So, I was thinking, many people actually can take care of us. In fact, things that are around us can take care of us. When you have money, it will take of things for you, thereby taking care of you.

Families and friends who have you in mind can take care of you, especially those ones who actually care. You know, they have a less to you, could easily arrange for some comfort for you, go out of their way to give you favours and all. Yeah, that’s what I’m talbout (that means ‘talking about’ in case you don’t know).

Now here’s the caveat. God’s way of caring for us is much more different and his reason is straightforward; he loves us. People and things around us could take of us because they are recipients of something, someway, somehow.

You get to receive how much they love you because there’s a way they feel about you. The money you have that is used to take care of you, you gotta work for it. Sometimes, upfront. In fact, with sweat, tears and blood.

It doesn’t matter who’s pulling the strings, you or them. The fact that they care for you is what counts. But unfortunately, they cannot do it all the time.

The good news is how much God loves us, and takes care of us. Even when you don’t deserve it, He always has a way of coming through. Think of the time when families didn’t come through, and you are on the brink of collapse. Right and suddenly, God comes through.

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Do you remember that time when there was an accident? It was a really close call. More than half of those involved in the accident with you lost their lives, some lost some good body parts. But miraculously, you survived.

What about that time you had lots going through your mind? Messed up stuffs that really messed you up. It was like you should just die and never be remembered. You couldn’t eat, live stopped having meaning. Oh dear, but God came through for you.

Okay, last one. How about those days you were silently suffering and people around you thought you were strong? It was really tough for you; not because you had demons in your head, but because people actually thought you were doing fine. That shit hurts, goes deep down. But hey, like clockwork, God appears in comfort and sees you for what you are really going through. And he saves you.

And then, there’s that time God actually warned you beforehand. He puts people in your way, spoke silently in your heart, gave you ideas and suggestions like they were actually looking out for you. But in your stubbornness and maybe ignorance, you chose to ignore them all. And then, something bad happens to you, or maybe you get lucky, almost happens to you.

But because God loves you, and only he can take care of you the way no one can, he still rescues you. Because his love for you has no restrictions and completely boundless, he still sends people and things to you – like he never even warned you. That’s what God is capable of. Right there!


And because of this, we are able to fear him righteously and with hope. You know, like fearing someone who you know is able to do everything to you and for you. No man has that power. Only God can exercise that much level of power. Yet, he loves us and exercises the extent of his power based on how much he loves us.

Like the preacher said yesternight, we fear God because he is able to kill both the soul and body. Yeah, that’s why. What’s your next move, pal? But first, say after me, “GOD CAN”.