Half of a Yellow Sun – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

One of the foremost storyteller and writer of African (Nigerian) descent, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie released this blockbuster novel, Half of a Yellow Sun in 2006.

This epic tells the story of the Biafran War through the tales of characters, such as Olanna, Richard, Ugwu and others. The war changed their lives on various individual and collective levels.

The story is one of love for individuals, cultures and country. It expresses colonialism from the perspective of the colonizer, the colonized and even the apologists. Half of a Yellow Sun is about moral responsibility and religious sanctimonious dilemma.

Not just a story book, Chimamanda perfectly presents a blend of fiction and facts. Interestingly, she tells the story in such a way that readers are easily able to identify what is fiction and what are are facts. Yet, her pride for country and her Igbo ancestral culture is sweetly visible through the novel.

Typical of her, her worldwide proclaimed storytelling skill sips through as you read the novel and you are sure to be engrossed while reading.

Please enjoy!

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