If my continued sojourn out of Nigeria has taught me anything, it is the value of primary education.

Here, thinking patterns we’re expected to draw on in solving tasks and answering questions are from teaching styles and learning process ingrained in us from kindergarten.

I mean, the focus is not so much on the task or knowledge itself, but how you do it, how you approach it, the right learning mind, a partnership mentality and so on.

Every time I hear, “Discuss with your partner”, I’m impressed because to do that in most Nigerian schools is to attract punishment for class disturbance or noise making.

When time I hear, “How did you do it? Can you do it differently?”, I’m impressed because that has not been our way. We were spoon-fed, and made to only think outside the box for complex exams.

Every time I hear, “Class discussions”, it reminds me only of outside class group discussions in faculty basements or night classes. We never really had discussions during classes.

An education system that pays little or no attention to primary education has no business being obsessed with producing all-round creative graduates!

Same with your creativity.

Don’t toy with your foundations.

Preserve your little bases of knowledge.

Respect the channels that formed and informed you while you grew.

Pay attention to the people whose platforms you began with as a learner.

If you want to hit it big, don’t mess with your foundations.

Creativity is a process.

It doesn’t start when you nab that big project.

The small ones also matter.

See you at work.