DEAR YOUNG WOMAN: A Conversation Lesson

Dear young woman,

Picture this phone convo.

Boy: What’s the problem?

Girl: Nothing.

(Seven minutes of back and forth…)

Girl: Babe, I think I should go. I need to get myself.

Boy: Babe, if you go, there’s no guarantee you would come back better. Why not wait and let me make you better.

Girl: (grumbles for three seconds) I don’t know what to say to that.

Boy: Don’t say anything. Just listen.

Boy continues to talk for the next 15 minutes…

Girl: (comes in once in a while with a mumbled reply, mostly agreeing with whatever boy said)

Boy says something that is not completely true.

Girl: No, is it not you that lkhglfhglbghfl…

Boy replies and then they go on for another 15 minutes.

Girl: (10 minutes after) Guy, warn yourself o. Give yourself brain.

Boy: I know. I’m sorry.

Then they go for another 60 minutes of smooth back and forth. Normal love relationship talk.


Girl: Babe, thanks for not letting me go.

Boy: Huhn? You say? I can’t hear you.😛

Girl: It’s that can’t hear you that wee woundjure you. Nonsense boy.😁

Boy: Serious. I dinnor hear you.😛

Girl: Lair. You just want me to say it again.😁

Boy: I sha dinnor hear you. Say it again.😛

Girl: (rolls eyes) Thank you for not letting me go. I love you.😊

Boy: (laughs) We die there!😂

Girl: Yes, baby. Thank you.

Then another 20 minutes of “you’re mad”, you’re madder” banter. Each hyping themselves and how one cannot do without the other.😅


My dear, a young man who loves you will build something with you in it, whether you are displaying or not.


Truth is this, when a young man knows you are worth his life and sacrifice, he would hold on to you, regardless of your moments of character flaws – even when you are right and he’s wrong OR he’s right and you’re wrong.

When it comes down to it, who is right doesn’t matter. What really does is the life you build together. So, make yourself indispensable. Contribute to his life in massive ways only a virtuous woman does, and he will ‘collect’ anything from you.

Most importantly, he would never let you go. He’s got your back just as he knows you’ve got his!

Banyak cinta!😘

©️ Deji Adeyemi