Dear Young Man Series: Going Higher and Forward

Dear young man,

Do you understand what it means to grow higher and forward?

Let me explain using a ladder and a conventional stairway as examples (ladders are special types of stairways too).

Ladders are structures built straight to climb higher in such a way that each rung is placed directly above, but not forward, the last one.

Which means, going higher requires you step on each rung above the other in a vertical upward manner (like elevators).

Stairways, on the other hand, are sets of steps, whether straight or spiral, that leads to a top level both vertically and forward (maybe escalators too).

As such, they are expected to not only step higher but forward – each rung forward and higher than the last one.

Same thing applies to you, as a man.

Growing up, you must not only grow higher but forward.

Growing higher requires you to climb higher step by step but on the same vertical thread; one above the other.

You started work as a clerical staff, move to junior officer. Four years after, you got promoted to senior officer, and then management officer. Finally, you are the boss.

Same company, same brand. Same product, just different levels.

That’s you going higher, climbing the ladder, chasing the dream!

Your targets changed, but for the same sets of people. Your co-workers changed, but only upgraded from shirt and tie to adding a blazer and stylish reading glasses.

You started as an opinionated man on religion and male chauvinism. But then, you got converted to female equality and spiritual rhema-ism.


What changed going forward? Mostly not much.

Growing forward and higher, however, includes all aforementioned, but dictates that you spread that growth forward.

As a husband, father and spiritual gatekeeper of your family, you become every day a better version of yourself for the good of your family.

As a provider, supporter and motivation of your society, you play your part with every opportunity you get to contribute to the development of that society.

And as an office worker for other businesses, CEO of your own business, multilevel marketer of many businesses, you make sure you provide value.

You provide money-worth influence on fellow workers/colleagues and ultimately to the economy.

As a leader, follower or just a middle man, you volunteer your experiences to people and organisations that are in line with your personal beliefs and strengths.

That is you, climbing the stairs of lives and people, forward and higher.

That is you, moving around to influence others into top level positions as a valuable man.

Your life is a multifaceted layers of competence that is required you utilize in many ways and places.

Your influence, as a man, is measured by how much of yourself you spread around to the people and places who matter.

I therefore encourage you, you are worth more.

Remember, you are not only a ladder but a stairway.

So, climb not just higher but forward.

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