Dear Young Man: Managing Your Money with Help

Dear young man,

My girlfriend once spent my whole month salary! For me!

It was in 2018, we just started seeing each other, and I just began to teach full time in a private school where I was paid 20k monthly.

Added to that, I taught in a continuing education centre where I was paid #700 per class (a class lasts two hours).

Added to that, I was a part time teacher in another private school, English Language and Literature. 15k at the end of the month.

I would sneak out of the school to rush to the other school, do two periods and sneak back. No, looking back now, I’m not proud of it.

But then, a young man gats do everything to make enough legit money. I was caught few times, but I was smart enough to influence the time table in my full time school.

With these hourly stipends, I could keep myself up, even despite being paid irregularly before month end.

Unfortunately, I was not the best at savings. In my defense though, these monies never came at the right time and were never complete.

Hence, I gave excuses and for a long period, I got away with it. Until, she came along.

I needed help, and it came in my girlfriend.

As a dear young man, please be okay with your trusted partner putting her hand in your money if you are the spending type.

A woman is naturally a multiplier.

Give her a sperm, you get a baby.

Give her a house, she makes a home.

You give her money, she will make an investment.

Isn’t that what we all want with our money?!


To multiply it?

Your woman could be the help you need in securing a wise future.

Be wise.

As always, #you_have_my_permission_to_share.

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