Dear Seller/Service Provider, VALUE DOES NOT BEG.

I’m learning to understand the worth of my writings these days in shares (especially) and comments. As much as I love & appreciate the reactions, the shares and comments take more effort and are pointers to how much value the reader held it, enough to read and comment and ultimately, share. That, I believe, is where the real influence is.

To do this, I have realized that the writings where I expressly gave the permission to share after reading has resulted in more sharing. Even as the writings may be powerful, there’s an action I intentionally try to elicit from my readers after reading.

It’s called CTA – CALL TO ACTION. If you’ve received any of my latest broadcast on WhatsApp and Facebook, I have explicitly and politely asked you to please share either a link, an image or post on your WhatsApp status. and/or Facebook timeline.

1. I suggested WHAT.
2. I was clear about WHERE.
3. The WHY was implied in the value of the post/message.

Action, speaks louder, always.
If you’re a seller or service provider, this is something you need to realise, VALUE doesn’t beg. I always cringe when I see posts and you imply that if they don’t buy, you won’t eat. It’s not impossible you are joking, but it sends a message you weren’t trying to send: that buying from you is doing you a favour. When you do this, like Orifunke Lawal said, you are directing attention on what you will gain from your customers, not the value they will get from your product/service.

People pay for value. So, instead, focus on the value of what you are selling. Preach that message and keep on preaching it. This way, you will build a value, solid clientele base. Not an association of do-gooders and favour collector. In the beginning, middle and end of your advert, always include a CTA.

  • WHAT do you want them to do after reading/seeing?
  • WHERE and HOW do you want it done?
  • Do you have a payment portal? Give it out already.
  • Is there a place they can see more of your products, give the link (don’t just write the name/handle).

I have actually taken a break from Facebook, but I choose to go once in a while to drop my writings. Today, I put up Episode 28 of the Dear Young Man series. In about six hours, the post has done about 20 comments (without my individual responses yet) and 17 shares from my Facebook timeline.

From today’s sharing alone, I got over 20 new friend requests (that’s to add to the over 200 that I have left unattended to intentionally). My point being when you focus on the value of your product/service, you would naturally build a value-focused clientele base and they they could come, purposely for the value you render. And they would stay!

I am hoping this would change something for you, even as you go back to evaluate your marketing strategy. Do you have something you would love to learn? Drop a comment under this post and let’s discuss.