Ashes to ashes
dust to dust.

when shall we stop ubieting our bald sons?
or we cease nursing our uglified rape victims?
songs of sorrow have escaped our bruised lips
dirge sobs strong with salty fluids from heavy eyes
cries became our antiphon before the open earth

we are bruised by sharp boots and crisp whips
thundered by white lightning and brown khakis
sortied by the sons of bitches who snogged us
carbine-armed nitwits marched down on our villages

freedom is coming tomorrow

herd of cattle has gone, stroked to death
dogs bark at the mere sight of the waking sun
it’s another day in hell

weep for the pain of Africa
weep for the loss of her dignity
weep for the untimely demise of her future
like Israel, she wailed through the streets
looking for her children of the soil

who will comfort her?
who will soothe her pains and relieve her agony?

freedom is coming tomorrow

180 Sharpeville victims troop for earthly help
69 trooped beyond for divine help
O Lord hear our cries!

we sob at the mention of freedom
and squirm at the thought of sanity
we are gradually becoming animals
shall we degrade your creation process?
and foil your creation ingenuity?

we long to remain humans but
you strip our fellow humans of humaneness
and turned them against us in cruelty
they fobbed off their watery humanity
descended on us like the morning star did and
unleashed their fury like Führer und Reichskanzler
we became pawns on the chessboard
for the crown victims of sortilege


freedom is coming tomorrow

First Responder:
scorched by antilife legislation
destroyed like the antimacassar of our buttocks
we became dumbstruck aphonic
we grunt under the weight of neo-slavery
effeminate greyhounds to hunt down our dreams
haunted ourselves by monster griffins in suit
we danced to terrific rembetikas at our peril
tickled by somber remex to lure us to slumber

freedom is coming tomorrow

prepare momma
get ready papa
men withering in stench prisons
mothers weeping behind beds for their loss
shivering mad men on the streets of Soweto

freedom is coming tomorrow.