Consistency is overrated?!
Do you believe that?! Good!  Next thing you would need to believe is this,
You are misguided!
This morning, I’m not writing to everyone, but to the minority who, for whatever reason, believes consistency is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.
That is the only justifiable reason to think it is overrated. You must have been doing the wrong thing consistently or doing the right thing in a wrong way consistently.

Consistency is not repetition.
It is not copycat.
It, definitely, is not a cycle.
No! Consistency is not doing the same thing over and over again the same way. It is not when a radio host or podcaster comes on air every episode with the same or recycled messages or appearance…
Consistency is not when a designer repeats one template for his/her design or only software… It is not when a writer monopolize a stream of thought or sticks to one writing style, even when on the same discourse…
All across boards, on my social media platforms, emails and even blogs, I have made it a point to ensure my output depicts growth.
Consistency is development. And for it to be development, it has to come with changes.
Hence, consistency is progressive and productive change.
It is when you wake up every day to a creative new way of expressing your creativity. You write, talk, design, make and do whatever you do every day but the style and process you do them every given time must be different, with every attempt.
You are supposed to be growing every time you do something, and that growth is what you must pursue. Consistency is the opposite of complacency.
It is when your productivity cuts across all levels of your growth.
And growth, most times, is not expected to produce same results. By definition, it’s supposed to grow, even when the results are not outright visible, YET.
Every job request, every project, whether paid or free, consistency is making sure you do it differently and better than the last one…
That way, it allows you to be creative. To work your mind. It allows you to explore possibilities. To consider many ways to kill that cat. That way, you grow. You become better. You develop your skills and make yourself valuable.
Isn’t that what we are all after?!
Put in the work… to be consistent.