Centre of Worship…

Lawrence Oyor and Darasimi Bamiloye would be getting married soon AND for the record, they are both popular because God has been the centre of each of their worship.

Lawrence is a popular music minister with spiritual chants and playful but powerful lyrics with depth of insights. Daramisi, although the daughter of popular drama ministers (Mike & Gloria Bamiloye) and possibly sister to the two you-know-who brothers, has grown up (according to testimonies) to be a strong young, spiritual woman.

To this end, both of them have become centres of attraction; Lawrence especially for young women who have ‘received’ him and for others who just wished they ‘received’ him, or better put, he ‘receives’ them. You know what I mean by ‘receive’, right?

In all, this chain of events is only because these my children (join me in laughing small😁) have put God as the centre of their worship. This singular feat has put them on a higher pedestal, so much that something as common place as marriage (or wedding ceremony which is probably done every Saturday in Nigeria) has become such a centre of attraction (and heartbreak, pitifully for some) for the world in which they live in and have featured.

This is not a contrast, mind you, I only say now that the latest unofficial president of Nigerian youths, Laycon for the last few weeks has become the centre of attraction for millions of iconic citizens all over country, and even the world.

Laycon, BBN Season 5 (Lockdown Edition) Winner

I actually took an hour or two to do a background research on this fierce guy. I watched YouTube videos, read blogs and Instagram/Facebook posts, and even followed WhatsApp status like I would do on Twitter. Among many things I found out, I discovered his dedication and excellence to his craft, music. BBN seemed his appointed time/moment to become the centre of attraction. I think so because over the years, he has made courage and dedication to his passion (music) is centre of worship.


These examples of people who had chosen a focus as their centre of worship, and which has made them become centres of attraction is a lesson to you and I. These centres of worship has encouraged them to pay the price, commit their lives to it in obedience and belief, and ensuring they gave it all. Hence, it isn’t strange they sit on the seats they do now, cynosure of most eyes.

And as much as they return the focus to their centres of worship, we are constantly reminded that the centre of their worship is the focus. What is your centre of worship?

If you ever wish to become a centre of attraction, what you would need to focus on is not the attention. Instead, define and focus on your centre of worship. Whatever that centre of worship is to you, you would do yourself a great deal of good to focus your attention and time and passion and heart into it.

Even if you will not eventually become the centre of attraction in the huge way you wish, the centre of your worship will still always be bigger than you and will always shine out through you.

I ask again and finally, what is your centre of worship?

Happy Sunday, FAM!❣

Public wedding invite… (in case you want to attend).

PS: Father, we do not know tomorrow but for today, we are grateful. And for each day as your love is ever new, we are continuously grateful. Amen.