Have You Heard The Monkey Story?

Have you heard the monkey experiment story? No?


So, a group of scientists put five monkeys in a cage, put a ladder in with them and placed a bunch of banana at the top of the ladder.

Typical of monkeys, they attempt to climb the ladder to harvest the banana, but every time a monkey climbs up, the scientists soak the rest in cold water!

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Win or Lose, Put in Your Best and Have Some Fun!

I witnessed another amazing scene the other day, and I was reminded how much as kids we ought to live.

By hook and crook, I was goaded into joining an outside event. As much as I didn’t mind being out there, honestly, I’d rather stay indoors – I’m an indoor guy.

Anyway, during the event, there were games of many kinds just as there were adults & kids present. Interestingly, last of the game was a tug of war.

We participated in groups, one against the other. After this, there was a sort of freestyle session, and the excited kids joined in. I’m not even sure some of them really understood what was going on, except that the adults were tugging at a rope and it looked like fun. So they joined on one side.

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How do you say, ‘I love you?’ in your language?

Okay, this is me rambling this morning.

I got on my laptop and came here, to my blog. To be honest, I don’t have anything in mind. I’m sure it will come to me sha.

While we wait, we are out of our dorms cause of COVID disinfectant. Like we used to say, our dorms are being ‘fogged’. On my left, some students are playing a card game. Two are in front of me pressing their phones. Behind me one is eating. It’s actually a very relaxed atmosphere – good for rambling.

Okay! Suddenly I remember what happened yesterday. You wanna hear, yeah?

So, I was cooking in the kitchen when another guy, who was cooking, asked me a question, out of the blues.

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successful Barcelona


I love to play Football Manager, and it’s been my best game so far – even more so since I can’t play real football.

This morning though, while playing, I set a lineup for an Euro Exhibition match against Switzerland. But because it was an almost inconsequential match, I promoted about eight academy players and fielded (used) five in the first eleven!

Subsequently, I was afraid I could lose for fielding weak players, so I set my seven substitute players to be my best players; Messi, Cruyff, Frenkie de Jong, etc., game changing players.

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