You’ve heard of hatred by association, right?

When someone who’s your friend wants you to hate someone just because they hate them? Like, they try to recruit you into their Hatred Association of Whatever. Yeah, that’s the thing.

Okay! So yeah, there’s hatred by interpretation too.

That is, someone hears something about you from someone else and they relay it to you. But instead of telling you what they heard exactly, word for words, they only tell you their interpretation of what was said.

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eagles basketball players

UPH EAGLES, Basketball and POST-COVID Reflections

As introverts (and people at large), there were a couple of things we took for granted pre-COVID. Sitting in the basketball court during service today, (yeah, we set up the court now for church service), reminds me of days when basketball games were a thing here.

UPH Eagles had a match once with an outside team and it was kind of a big game. UPH Eagles were (and still are) one of the best around here, so was the opposing team. Hence, the hype. I was invited to come watch.

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worst story that never happened


Two months ago, I lost my mum. It was the worst thing that never happened to me. Every insecurities I had had had suddenly came to fore, pounding me like a two weeks old ex-monk.

First, I was newly married, so I still hadn’t gotten used to my wife’s cooking. My mummy’s food was always my saving grace. I could go to the market, get the foodstuff and call her I was coming with food ingredients.

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