Moses' skills

What Skills Do You have in Your Hands?!

Remember Moses at the burning bush? He turned aside to behold a peculiar sight, but as it turned out, someone was sending him an email invite to a job.

During the interview, he was asked, “What do you have in your hands?’ You know, just like asking, “What can you do?” “A rod”, he replied. He probably thought it was an ordinary rod. By all indications, it was until it wasn’t anymore.

Quick note: The skills you have right now might not seem much but they are enough for a first-timer, beginners demonstration.

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Have you checked your email inbox today? The promotions & social folders? The SPAM folder?
People have lost/missed job interview requests, scholarship opportunities, online webinar notices, promo deals & sales, registration info, subscription confirmation all because they didn’t check their email in time.
I know of someone who applied to an organization, and was sent an email to confirm her acceptance. She opened the email four months after!!!

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Little girl with good foundations


If my continued sojourn out of Nigeria has taught me anything, it is the value of primary education.

Here, thinking patterns we’re expected to draw on in solving tasks and answering questions are from teaching styles and learning process ingrained in us from kindergarten.

I mean, the focus is not so much on the task or knowledge itself, but how you do it, how you approach it, the right learning mind, a partnership mentality and so on.

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