Dear Seller/Service Provider, VALUE DOES NOT BEG.

I’m learning to understand the worth of my writings these days in shares (especially) and comments. As much as I love & appreciate the reactions, the shares and comments take more effort and are pointers to how much value the reader held it, enough to read and comment and ultimately, share. That, I believe, is where the real influence is.

To do this, I have realized that the writings where I expressly gave the permission to share after reading has resulted in more sharing. Even as the writings may be powerful, there’s an action I intentionally try to elicit from my readers after reading.

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God Can

GOD CAN. What more shall I say?!

I was in a program yesternight, where the preacher said only God is worthy of our fear. He said to remind us that when we fear God, he takes care of us not just because he can, but because he loves us.

So, I was thinking, many people actually can take care of us. In fact, things that are around us can take care of us. When you have money, it will take of things for you, thereby taking care of you.

Families and friends who have you in mind can take care of you, especially those ones who actually care. You know, they have a less to you, could easily arrange for some comfort for you, go out of their way to give you favours and all. Yeah, that’s what I’m talbout (that means ‘talking about’ in case you don’t know).

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Creatives face a lot of pressure; from clients, executives and above all, from within.

There’s always the pressure to do, do and do, satisfying all quarters.

“How do I give value to my client, yet making ends meet?”

“How do I meet the company’s expectation? How do I protect business ethics?”

“How do I make myself happy at the end of the creative process?”

There’s no straight jacket answer except two possibilities; #value and #influence.

Think about this…

  1. Nobody argues with good results. Not even you. When you are good, you’ll know.😁
  2. Building credibility takes time and expertise. Don’t inflate yourself.
  3. Be flexible. Understand every quarter and play them well.
  4. Apologise, especially when you are right.
  5. Take time out to flex. Don’t be serious always.

Eventually, the pressure we run from in the rain is what waters our creativity. Without it, we might die.

So, dance in the rain!

referrals and repost


There are few things you must understand about referrals, specifically, people to repost your business or brand on their personal or business space.

Basic concept: VALUE

This is something basic I hope to get out of the way first. Value is the currency with which you trade. Hence, people pay for your value. However, value is relative: what is valuable to one is not necessarily of value to another. Why? Needs and wants differ. It is not a question of good or bad.

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Whatsapp whatsmock


So, apparently, there’s an app called WhatsMock. I’m shocked as you are, but hold on. The function of the app is create fake WhatsApp chats with real contacts and probably real life issues.

Which means, with this app, you can easily create a topic of discussion, put words into the mouth of your other contact, insert your own words to make a make-believe conversation. It is so real you would hardly mistake it for a fake conversation.

Now you are shocked?! Welcome to the party! I was literally astounded when I discovered it. I went straight to Google Playstore, downloaded it and conducted a mock experiment! Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I was shocked!

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