This morning, I’m reminded of people; of what they can do and how much focus is placed on the care and share between people. More so, I’m reminded of the care we share amongst ourselves and all around the world. However, I am inspired to focus on care.

The danger of not liking some people is this; they don’t care!

The people who they don’t like don’t care; and the ones who don’t like them don’t care whether they care or not. In turn, everybody doesn’t care about anybody unless it’s someone they like! What happens? What we have is a lot of people who don’t care!!! That’s dangerous, yeah. Eventually, caring becomes a privileged for the few, by the few and of the few.

Instead, how about we start to care, even for people who don’t care about us. What happens is that it calls us to a little but higher standard of living; in which we call ourselves on to. Worst, people who don’t care about you begin to understand that there’s no point really not liking you. Yeah, I know some people will still not like others- whatever they do or don’t do. This is what I like to do, I might not care about what they think, see or do but I care about what I think about them. In that way, I will not be caught committing the crimes I accuse my accusers; not caring.

Yeah, I know there’s a lot of play on words and word porn running around here, but I hope you’ll get the idea. Have a caring week.


Much love!

©️ Deji

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