When I first got to Indonesia in 2019, it was a little bit tough… On the outside, I was doing better than most. But on the inside, I was on WhatsApp 24/7.
Despite a six-hour timeline difference between Indonesia & Nigeria, I stuck to my Nigerian timeline. 6pm to 12am in Nigeria was 12pm to 6am in Indonesia, and these were my most active periods; online and off it.
I stopped sleeping at night. Maximum, five hours and almost never at once. Keeping in touch with Nigeria, at all cost, was my coping mechanism.
It wasn’t easy. But now, I’m well settled into my environment and timeline. And although I still keep late nights, it’s mostly cause of my late night study shenanigans.
Here’s what I’m driving at:
When you start new relationships or businesses, sometimes, things will fall apart in the first few months or years.
And then you wonder, “But it’s still too early to be having problems! We just started! Maybe it’s the universe telling us it’s not meant to be.”
Relax. Maybe not.
Have you considered that the universe could be shaping you and others involved, helping you to form a foundation that can withstand the years to come?!
You think the universe was telling you to cut it off, but in reality, it was telling you to be patient, pay the dues and allow it to work on you.
Perhaps it was teaching you how to love & live right, building you, molding you, equipping you with what it takes to thrive…
Don’t be in a haste to end a new relationship or business just cause it’s not working out yet.
Did you consider you might have come into it with shallow convictions that needs to be deepened or false experiences that’s require shedding off?
You just might need to walk through the wilderness to reach your Canaan.
Hang on; but if you must absolutely leave, by all means, please do.
Cheers to your progress!


Have you heard the story of that couple?

The one where the husband had a strange feeling about his wife going for a job and urged her to send someone else?

However, the wife couldn’t cancel cause of the commitment she’s made, so the husband prayed, laid hands and declared words on her.

As if on cue, the wife encountered a strange man who attempted to cast a spell on her and lead her to God knows where.

Fortunately, our God doesn’t wear flip-flops (that’s a joke, you gerrit?). He stood the wife on the ground, with her husband’s help and saved her.

Now, that wasn’t my point.

Go back to the beginning of the story, where the man tried to dissuade his wife from going somewhere and she insisted on it.

It could have gone sideways.

He could have thrown a tantrum about how unsubmissive she was; how she never listens to him and prioritizes her job and friendships with others over their marriage.

She could have threatened the husband with how unsupportive he was and wanted to give her a bad rep with her friendships.

They could have parted ways with resentment and that might have been the last emotions they ever shared together.

Aside: Maybe they will share regret later sha when one is probably dead or missing and the other feeling guilty).

My point? It could have gone any way. Luckily, they chose the God-way (based on belief, yeah?)

In life, things can go sideways in the blink of an eye, and it takes only a moment’s decision to influence how it turns out.

Here are five thoughts for application to consider:

1. Always be mindful that the present moment could be your last.

One moment you could be living life to the fullest, next you could looking at others from an hollowed body. Do good at all turns.

2. Don’t leave angry; whether you’re right or wrong.

Even if you are the type that honestly likes to walk away from a hot situation for a quiet moment of reflection, don’t leave while things are still hot. Diffuse the situation first, then seek your me-time.

3. Instead of shifting blames or focusing on the person, focus on the issue.

People & relationships are the most important assets; don’t lose them cause of short-sightedness. Address the issue and its possible implications. Lose the battle (issue) if you must, but make sure you win the war (people).

4. Instead of preying on each other’s vulnerabilities, pray!

There is a thin line between what could have been and what really did be, and prayer could make the difference in turns. Those in-between, short or long prayers, are not worthless. The heart is what prays.

5. Have someone who can pray over you; husband or wife, it doesn’t matter.

You’ve heard the disco about having prayerful wives and protective husbands? It doesn’t matter, cause it goes both ways, always. In all, let one be the image of God for the other.


Have You Heard The Monkey Story?

Have you heard the monkey experiment story? No?


So, a group of scientists put five monkeys in a cage, put a ladder in with them and placed a bunch of banana at the top of the ladder.

Typical of monkeys, they attempt to climb the ladder to harvest the banana, but every time a monkey climbs up, the scientists soak the rest in cold water!

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Win or Lose, Put in Your Best and Have Some Fun!

I witnessed another amazing scene the other day, and I was reminded how much as kids we ought to live.

By hook and crook, I was goaded into joining an outside event. As much as I didn’t mind being out there, honestly, I’d rather stay indoors – I’m an indoor guy.

Anyway, during the event, there were games of many kinds just as there were adults & kids present. Interestingly, last of the game was a tug of war.

We participated in groups, one against the other. After this, there was a sort of freestyle session, and the excited kids joined in. I’m not even sure some of them really understood what was going on, except that the adults were tugging at a rope and it looked like fun. So they joined on one side.

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