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There’s this brand of humility that’s only been spoken of in recent times – it’s the Jesus’ brand of humility. That although he was lowly, calm and all, yet, he proclaimed his identity as Son of God and, his business with salvation and miracle with the pride of their influence to the world!

I mean, this was a seemingly ordinary man who stood in the synagogue, our version of church, and read from scriptures written centuries ago by Prophet Isaiah and declared these words were ’bout him:

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Behanzin Hossu Bowelle - famous African warrior

A War Dance for Kings – The War for Lost Lives

He whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad

Do you see madness on the streets?
Can you feel the mad beat from the king’s band?
As it jingles, turns & turns your feet?!

A dog destined to be lost does not hear the hunter’s whistle

Do you hear dogs barking in terror?
Can you feel the hair of the hunter bristle?
As he mischievously play the tunes of warriors?!
It’s the war dance of kings!!!

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Comparison of Quality Production is Futile

Few weeks ago, my friend, Ibk, was designing her Disha page. While she did that, she had the page of a role model we both shared as guide. After she was done, she showed it me to review. I saw a bit of word tardiness and I pointed it out. In her defense, she replied that it was the same way our role model did hers.


Immediately she said that, honestly, my hands fell. I mean, this role model in question is known for excellence. I couldn’t possibly fault her. So if she did that, who was I to complain? But then, Ibk did a screenshot of the sample she followed and then I compared it with hers.

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God of the Good and Bad Times

I studied English Language in OAU. Before this, I had the choice of studying Law. I like to think I was smart enough to study law and do well, but I chose not to because of a misconception I had – I believed lawyers were arguers. I mean, I believed everything about law was argument, and as a person, I dislike arguments.


Of course I was wrong and ill-informed, but that didn’t stop me from putting in for English. Later, I realized my folly but I had already found joy in English Language as a writer. Years down the lane, I must agree that I have found myself restricted as I sometimes I wonder what my life will be if I had studied Law.

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