I met a white lady once, who said
She will give me her all at once
I thought it was a lie
Until ontop ground she lie
Scared grey, she wanted to make me prey
I quickly knelt down to pray
But on my knees, I was united with black soil
Mother nature telling me nothing spoil.

Black woman! Black girl! All na black
Even when one white girl beat me blue
She said ‘Yellow’ on our first purple date
French cuisine and Italian pasta were the menu
Local boy like me, I became atenu
But my eyes turned red when she told me to go Dutch
Like what?! Asian girls too?! So Iran
Back to the breasts of my beloved black eba

Cockroach black! Ebony black! All na kenny black
The silence of the grey matter makes me
Wonder why the crayfish in the red sea swims
Across Jordan with the help of Michael, the octopus.

But sha, I have found love in the embrace
Of the village beauty with kinky ponytails
And waist bead ikebe juggling like ping pong.
Oloju ede has taken to the dance bomb like Hiroshima

The missionary styles of the drum and drummer
Has intoxicated her like the witches of Koto Aiye.
She’s drinking the blood of ecstasy and fleshing
Meat of laughter from the village square shrine.

Oh my black golden purple love is enchanted!
The green earth has blessed our bronze marriage
Our silver heads glitter like diamond in the sky.
I therefore shall rice to the beans of love!

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