Often times, I feel irresponsible when someone tells me to do something I had already thought of doing or planned to do.

Like, in my head, it had crossed my mind to do and I had noted it to do. Other times, I might even have planned for it, already devised ways to do it. And boom, someone says, “How about you do this?”

It literally takes the initiative out of my hands. Even worse, it takes the execution away from me when they say, “You can do it this way.” I can no longer do it the way I thought it, neither can I give credit to myself.

That’s why when people discuss their problems with me when I didn’t ask for it, I am mostly affected . Thing is, when I ask “what’s up with you?”, I prepare already for a low down in my head. Whether it is a simple “I’m good” or “This life is not just balance” or “I don’t even know”, I am prepared to follow it up.

Times like that, I am vulnerable. It weakens me, and few times, make me feel irresponsible. Like, I can’t help the way I would have thought and loved to. It takes the initiative away from me.

Reason why we must always protect our mental health. Friends who could help you will sometimes need help, and it might be impossible because they are dealing with your own problems already.

Like Tosin said recently, strong people aren’t always strong. And if I may add, strong people sometimes need the strength of your sensitivity. No, they can still help but you must be sensitive too.


The earth revolving sometimes drag us along with it. Today we are strong, tomorrow we need strength. And of course, weak people don’t always stay weak. Hence, we must always learn to understand each other.

I hope your weekend is going fine? Mine is stressful.

©️ Deji Adeyemi