There is this popular aphorism in journalism, “Bad news sells the most”. It’s never been truer. On social media, newspapers, everywhere, bad news travel faster, has most impact and has the tendency to draw larger crowds. It’s like people are eager to read the misfortune of others.

Yesterday, a news went rife of the hike in the price of petrol. The country literally went bananas for justifiable reasons – a failed government, intensified hardship, fear of tomorrow etc. Hours later, more news followed, “no increase, the number one citizen was not aware”.”

As ludicrous as that sounded, the damage of the first news had been done. Filling stations already started selling at said price, those who were not selling were hoarding. For few hours, the online space was thrown into frenzy, everyone had a common enemy for these hours.

It’s sad, but what’s going to be sadder is that you, my friend, is thrown off your horse. You see, as much as news like these would truly, most probably, negatively impact you and yours, you have to stay level-headed. You must rise above the noise, and while others complain, you plan.

My good friend, Ibukunoluwa, said yesterday, “These days, I just try to find something good to focus on in this country. If I will stay in this country, then it will be helpful for me to do this.” Take a leaf from her. Be like Ibk.

In Matthew 24, Jesus said these famous words;

“Watch out that no one deceives you… You will hear of wars and rumours of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come… All these are the beginning of birth pains.”

When a woman is on the labour bed, she’s in pains; crying and pushing, about to give birth. But once she delivers successfully, the joy on her face is unmistakable. She’s produced a life; a life that will grow and she could mould into something more wonderful.


You likewise, see these new developments and news as birth pains. If the country is not the woman in labour, you are. From these pains, be creative and focused. Rise through it and give birth to something wonderful. Be strategic.

What’s your next move as a student? As a self employed worker? Salary earner? Would it be to travel out of the country for fairer opportunities? Do I want to ride above others and nick those six figures paying jobs? Or I want to build my business empire in such a fashion that news like these don’t move me, they inspire me?

Already, bad news sells the most and news companies, social media influencers thrive on these bad news to gross in millions. Don’t be different, but be different. It’s a cycle already. Draw a more beautiful one for yourself.

See you at work.