You know why I don’t always like to leave messages for people offline to meet when they come online?!

In fact, for example, when I know my girlfriend is not online for a reason I previously knew or could easily deduce, I don’t leave messages around (unless I just want to be cheesy, telling her how much I love her and stuff – something random).

Why? Because I know that if I leave serious messages for her to come back to, perhaps messages that looked like it needed urgent attention, it makes her feel bad, like she wasn’t there when I needed her.

I intentionally help her to avoid that. Why?

Because people find it easy to blame themselves, with the false impression of taking responsibility. In their quest to take charge, they end of playing a mind game of “It’s my fault”. They are two different things, in case you don’t know.

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Did you know, during and after Jesus’ time, historically, there were religions, apart from Judaism, that could have been alternatives to Christianity due to their similarities?

They were mostly called ‘mystery religions’ because they were shrouded in secrecy and mysteries. To have an idea of how it offers salvation and route to better life, you must be an initiate. Only members/initiates have access to and know the worship ‘centres’ of these religions, mostly caves and remote lands..

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How do you say, ‘I love you?’ in your language?

Okay, this is me rambling this morning.

I got on my laptop and came here, to my blog. To be honest, I don’t have anything in mind. I’m sure it will come to me sha.

While we wait, we are out of our dorms cause of COVID disinfectant. Like we used to say, our dorms are being ‘fogged’. On my left, some students are playing a card game. Two are in front of me pressing their phones. Behind me one is eating. It’s actually a very relaxed atmosphere – good for rambling.

Okay! Suddenly I remember what happened yesterday. You wanna hear, yeah?

So, I was cooking in the kitchen when another guy, who was cooking, asked me a question, out of the blues.

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Pastor's wife's mug

BEING A PASTOR’S WIFE: 10 Key Realities (Final)


Do not destroy your husband’s ministry by comparing your lifestyle with other pastor’s wives. Perhaps their ministry has grown more than yours and the other pastor’s wife is already riding the latest car model, don’t pester your husband to also buy you the latest car. Because the Mummy G.O of another church has traveled to Canada for shopping, don’t lure your husband into stealing the Lord’s money.

Ananias and Sapphire didn’t escape the wrath of the Holy Spirit when they did it. Before you make requests, look at your husband’s pocket, not other successful pastor’s pocket.

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BEING A PASTOR’S WIFE: 10 Key Realities (Episode II)


The second most key reality a pastor’s wife must quickly adjust to is to being financially independent, especially when your husband is a full-time pastor. His income, as it is, would not always be his alone. Note, the ministry’s money is not part of your husband’s income. What is of the Lord belongs to the Lord. It is for the work of God and the things of God.

Your husband’s money is his allowance or salary and if he has other business aside ministry work, all income from them is his own. Also, gifts from members of the church personally to him belongs to your husband. Unless you want to corrupt the grace of God in your lives, the ministry’s money is not yours!

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