Hi guys. Good morning. Yesterday, I shared few apps I thought you should have on your phone on my WhatsApp Stories. I was intrigued with the replies, ranging from “Oh! I didn’t know that was a thing!” to “I had it, but I didn’t know how to use it”. And then there were the “I don’t have space on my phone” geng. So, I have decided to bring it here, in case you also need it.

Like I said, these apps are necessary for the optimal use of your mobile and working experience. However, please take, ‘necessary’ as relative. You probably do not need all the apps; just the ones that apply to you. Let’s get into it already, shall we?

  1. Canva

This has been one of my best go-to apps. Easy to use with ready-made templates you can work round. For your logos, fliers, posters, book designs, social media images and co., Canva is a good and simple choice.

2. Snapseed

I used to think I didn’t like taking pictures, but now I know it’s because I don’t have a good phone yet. With Snapseed, you can increase your photo taking game a step higher, adding professional touches to your shots. It has cool editing features. Quick to work with. Has little or no Ads, by the way.

3. WordPress

This is simply blogging made easy. With this app, you can put up blog posts from the comfort of your phone. Monitor your stats and get instant notifications of comments, likes and follow straight to your phone. You don’t need to wait for email notifications.


4. Mailchimp

This is another cool app to have if you have a brand that seeks to build an email empire. It is cool to use to send email campaigns, automated newsletters, products landing pages and the likes.

Fun fact: You can monitor your campaigns & landing pages’ reports.

5. Paystack

Paystack is an online payment gateway. Registering on Paystack allows you to receive payment for your products (electronic or otherwise) straight into your bank account. It uses USSD, allows for international transactions for countries like the UK, US and few African countries.

6. Google Search & Dictionary

Sincerely, I wonder how you can use your phone without these two! Like?! There’s no day I don’t use both! I will not say anything… If you don’t have them yet, please install them now. Make them easily accessible with just a flick of your finger.

Allow me to list others that I love to have.

  • Spotify – online music & podcast
  • Google Play Games – keeps track of your games history and achievements.
  • Social downloaders – Video Downloader for Facebook, WhatsApp Status Saver, Download Twitter Videos & Instagram Quicksave.
  • – Football news & live scores.
  • Bible Apps – I love NIV & Message versions.
  • Outlook – Microsoft email account (Hotmail).
  • Samsung Notes – I particularly love this. My favorite mobile notepad. (It’s probably named something else on your phone).

To learn how to use this apps, there are a number of ways .

From my personal experience, Google, YouTube and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) are few of the surest ways.

But of course, there are individuals who have taken it upon themselves to teach how to use some of these apps in simple ways.

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You can find these apps on your Google Playstore for Android Users or App-store for the iPhone geng. That will be all from me. Thank you.🤝🏾

Do you know an app I should have? Or you know how best I could utilize an app I already have? Please share with me.🙏🏾