See what she has turned out to be;
A stench in his golden nostrils
Her beauty and amazing personality;
Has become an eyesore to him

At first, his thoughts wandered around HER
The thoughts of HER love always fill his heart
He knew it was hard to do his biddings,
Nevertheless, his feelings won’t let him be.

Morning after morning, he grew lean
Day after day, he fell more sick
His heart longing for HER love
His body craving for HER touch

Unable to put his feelings to actions,
He sought for help,
He spoke to a friend,
The worst mistake he ever made.

His friend, a lover of the world,
Subtle and wise as the serpent,
Gentle and cunning as the green snake,
Gave a solution his flesh could not reject.

He took the only advice he had
He took clever steps and called for HER
She came in her modesty and out of regard for him
Ignorant of his ulterior motives.

When she realized his real intentions,
She warned him, and even advised him
To request for her rightfully from her parents
But he refused.

She pleaded severally with him,
But, her pleas fell on deaf ears.
He laid with HER forcefully
And took away HER virginity

After the deal was done, his eyes opened
However, he sent her away into the dark of the night
He never wanted her again.
Alas! It was not LOVE, it was just LUST.

Abimbola Duduyegbe is a freelance writer and poet. As a student of Biology at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, she serves as the Secretary General II of a pan-African teens ministry, and a member of the Academic Scribes. She is also a notable member of the Publication Committee in her department, which involves collating write-ups for publishing.

Abimbola, aside writing, is a graphic design expert, a teacher, and a teens’ counsellor. She is a lover of God, a fervent intercessor and a leader. She lives in Akure, Ondo State.