1. Explore new mediums.
Yesterday, I designed & created a landing page using ConvertKit for one of the latest book projects I’m working on (editing) So beautiful! It was my first attempt as I have always used & mastered Mailchimp.
Likewise, watching a video introduced me to the ‘Coming Soon’ strategy in email marketing. I have done it.

2. Stay curious.
I had always been curious about how John Obidi achieves his use of big fonts on his posts on Headstart Africa (Facebook group). I already knew how to bold texts, use italics & underline. This curiosity led me to try doing something different; posting from my laptop. Viola! It worked! So much for creativity!
3. Pay attention to colours & shapes.
My first & last book had yellow plastered all over. I loved it, but of course, I needed more. On the projects I’ve done after that, however, I’ve explored so much colours and shapes that I could design a rainbow.😁
Sometimes, I would run through tens of templates on Canva to tune my eyes and prime my memory for colours & shapes.
4. Embrace personal projects.
For five weeks now, I have sent an email to my mailing list every Saturday. To keep up and maintain interest, I have had to be creative with my writing style and designing. In my last email, I shared the lessons from a story before sharing the story. How is that for creativity?
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5. Start journaling.
I keep close track of my thoughts – my Samsung Notes is full. Everything I write, I write it down first in my Notes. In that same way, I keep record of my progress. I write about my challenges. I write down everything and anything along this journey of creative writing.
See you at work.
Authors: Blurb & Deji Adeyemi
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