I want to share some wise nuggets with you. I hope you listen and read them.

1. What you do to correct the mistake of others might be a bigger mistake. Be thoughtful.

2. Sometimes, you will not understand and you will not understand why you do not understand. It’s okay. Give it time.

3. You need to be afraid of yourself once in a while; not because of you but because of what you are capable of. It checks.

4. Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go. – Oscar Wilde

5. Convictions will not always translate to your reality. Be comforted. It was indeed a reality, not just yours.

6. Keep it short but with impact. Experience does not always equate smartness.

7. The ones who know, knows. The ones who do not know, know. They just do not believe.

8. There are some scripts you cannot write. There are some lives you cannot live.

9. Ask yourself, what do you give to someone who has it all?

10. If you have a problem money can solve, you really do not have a problem. Yet.

11. What you do not know is greater than you. Every man is limited by his own ignorance.

12. Love is the truest motivation for obedience.

13. There’s a prison called ‘What if’. Do not lock yourself in.

14. If you know God, you will do exploits. If you do not, you will be exploited.

15. No one can give you what God is not able to give you. It could be good, and still be a distraction.


16. If you can eat, you can share. If you can have it, you can share it.

17. Excellence is not perfection, it is continued improvement. Be better today than you were yesterday.

18. It doesn’t take time. It takes God. Once God is in your equation, even time is a variable.

19. Silence, until spoken, is still an assumption. Do not misconstrue silence for acceptance or approval. Ask.

20. If you do not give, you will strain yourself to be blessed and restrain yourself from being a blessing. Give.

21. Let beauty come out of your ashes when you are burnt. Do not be vindictive. Revenge is a slow poison.

22. Accommodate that person next to you. In wisdom and love, live peaceably with all men.

23. Choices are the hinges of destiny. Sometimes, you don’t have to do it, but you still do it.

24. Some days are slower with faster nights. Some nights are slower with lightning days. Be adaptable for maximum optimization.

25. It’s okay to make mistakes. The real lessons are in the mistakes you made. Be flexible.