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Win or Lose, Put in Your Best and Have Some Fun!

I witnessed another amazing scene the other day, and I was reminded how much as kids we ought to live.

By hook and crook, I was goaded into joining an outside event. As much as I didn’t mind being out there, honestly, I’d rather stay indoors – I’m an indoor guy.

Anyway, during the event, there were games of many kinds just as there were adults & kids present. Interestingly, last of the game was a tug of war.

We participated in groups, one against the other. After this, there was a sort of freestyle session, and the excited kids joined in. I’m not even sure some of them really understood what was going on, except that the adults were tugging at a rope and it looked like fun. So they joined on one side.

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if one day; one good help deserves another

IF ONE DAY; One Good Help Deserves Another

Have you ever needed help from someone, you reached out but they weren’t available to give you? Like, you called them on phone and they were not picking up or sent a WhatsApp message or text but no reply?

What did you do? Moved on to the next person that could help you?

I cannot blame you for that, there’s dynamics to this helping thing, after all. However, the first person you reached out but didn’t reply, did you go back to find out why?

Or you assumed they must have been busy or if you were the entitled type, you felt they were ‘feeling themselves’?

Read this above poem, If One Day by Robert J. Lavery.

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A traffic warden in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan

Lesson from the Afghanistan/Taliban vs. US Debate

HAVE you seen any of the episodes of the movie, SEAL TEAM?

In one of the episodes, picture a Bravo team soldiers, bombarded in enemy territory. Well trained but outgunned and outmanned. Yet, captain was so cool.

Typical of captains, I suppose. In calming the boys, he said, “One problem at a time! Fight the man in front of you!”

Surviving was their immediate concern. Get away from the enemy, in any way possible, and wait for backup!

Sounds like a great plan, and it worked.

However, in solving one problem at a time, they lost their best chance of peace with the village in which they took shelter.

Go back to Afghanistan almost three decades ago. The United States, in crushing the USSR with its Communism agenda and its advance on the world, created a militarized Afghanistan.

Gave them weapons; missile and all, trained them and used them to maximum effect, building a Capitalism fanbase for the US and sending a message to other nearby Asian countries.

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I shared few weeks back an historical overview on mystery religions and Christianity’s position. Did you read it here?

Today, I’m gonna share about how the idea of Christianity as a poor religion and how pastors, churches and even other Christians began to see Christianity, historically, as a meager, poor-centric religion took roots in the church.

First off the bat, we must realize that through the new Testament, first from Jesus Christ and down to the early church and even further down to about hundreds of years after the early church, Christianity was presented as a religion that was acceptable to everybody in the society. However, truth is it appealed more to the poor – more so by the lives Jesus and the early apostles lived. A very meager life that was mostly based on sustenance & faith on what God provides each day. Remember, give us this day our ‘daily bread’.

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