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Little girl with good foundations


If my continued sojourn out of Nigeria has taught me anything, it is the value of primary education.

Here, thinking patterns we’re expected to draw on in solving tasks and answering questions are from teaching styles and learning process ingrained in us from kindergarten.

I mean, the focus is not so much on the task or knowledge itself, but how you do it, how you approach it, the right learning mind, a partnership mentality and so on.

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Consistency is overrated?!
Do you believe that?! Good!  Next thing you would need to believe is this,
You are misguided!
This morning, I’m not writing to everyone, but to the minority who, for whatever reason, believes consistency is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.
That is the only justifiable reason to think it is overrated. You must have been doing the wrong thing consistently or doing the right thing in a wrong way consistently.

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MASTER EVERY LEVEL – My Ludo Game Experience

There is this Ludo game I play. When I began to play it, I skipped the easy level and set the difficulty at ‘normal’.

I won a lot but I noticed that once in a while, when the computer should have moved its dices in a particular way that would have allowed it to win, it won’t. I always laugh and claimed it was dumb.

After a while, I got bored with winning so I moved up another level of difficulty, hard. At the beginning, it was as advertised, hard. I had cleared my previous winnings so it looked like we were at par. I wasn’t winning so much.

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There are many ways you enter into a person’s life. Sometimes, its intentional, sometimes it’s not. You can enter through service; serving or being served.

Let’s not discount the ones you enter through fight and a bit of judgmental opinion.

“He’s so proud.”

“She’s very selfish.”

“I thought s/he loved me.”

“Can I know you more?”

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you deserve a do over


90% of the time when you lose a phone, a laptop or an important gadget at home, your next line of thought is, “How do I replace it?” After this, you begin to work out a course of action; whether to save more, pull out of your savings, ask someone for help, plan on your next income and so on. Only very few of the time do you not think of replacing them.

For gadgets and tools, fair enough. However, if I were to bring friends and people into the equation, the percentage reduces. It’s safe to say that less than 50% of the time when you lose a friend, you don’t always think of replacing them. One, because they cannot be replaced – everyone is unique in who they are and the hole they fill.

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