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Two things I’ve struggled with on Sundays has been going to church with a notebook and dressing to church here the way I used to dress back in Nigeria.

Growing up, if there was anything we look forward to on Sundays, it was putting on our best clothes. Right from infant, church was a big deal – my mum made sure of that.

In the same vein, we had Sunday school teachers who almost made it a call of duty to teach us and demand we always come to church with a bible to read, a book to write on and a pen to do it with. It was part of our costumes for Sunday service – a total package.

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See what she has turned out to be;
A stench in his golden nostrils
Her beauty and amazing personality;
Has become an eyesore to him

At first, his thoughts wandered around HER
The thoughts of HER love always fill his heart
He knew it was hard to do his biddings,
Nevertheless, his feelings won’t let him be.

Morning after morning, he grew lean
Day after day, he fell more sick
His heart longing for HER love
His body craving for HER touch

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Dear Seller/Service Provider, VALUE DOES NOT BEG.

I’m learning to understand the worth of my writings these days in shares (especially) and comments. As much as I love & appreciate the reactions, the shares and comments take more effort and are pointers to how much value the reader held it, enough to read and comment and ultimately, share. That, I believe, is where the real influence is.

To do this, I have realized that the writings where I expressly gave the permission to share after reading has resulted in more sharing. Even as the writings may be powerful, there’s an action I intentionally try to elicit from my readers after reading.

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