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what 2020 taught me


What 2020 has taught me thus far:

  1. Bad things happen to good people, yeah.

Lots of bad things and news happened round the world, and everyone felt it. Whether you were involved or not, it still affected everybody. So, you gotta prepare for the worst.

  1. Good things happen to people who take chances.

In this 2020, I got an opportunity of a lifetime that is changing my life for great. I know of people who, despite the pandemic, has grown in leaps and bounds in career and finances. Some have ‘found’ themselves and doing very well.

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God Can

GOD CAN. What more shall I say?!

I was in a program yesternight, where the preacher said only God is worthy of our fear. He said to remind us that when we fear God, he takes care of us not just because he can, but because he loves us.

So, I was thinking, many people actually can take care of us. In fact, things that are around us can take care of us. When you have money, it will take of things for you, thereby taking care of you.

Families and friends who have you in mind can take care of you, especially those ones who actually care. You know, they have a less to you, could easily arrange for some comfort for you, go out of their way to give you favours and all. Yeah, that’s what I’m talbout (that means ‘talking about’ in case you don’t know).

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You’ve heard of hatred by association, right?

When someone who’s your friend wants you to hate someone just because they hate them? Like, they try to recruit you into their Hatred Association of Whatever. Yeah, that’s the thing.

Okay! So yeah, there’s hatred by interpretation too.

That is, someone hears something about you from someone else and they relay it to you. But instead of telling you what they heard exactly, word for words, they only tell you their interpretation of what was said.

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Creatives face a lot of pressure; from clients, executives and above all, from within.

There’s always the pressure to do, do and do, satisfying all quarters.

“How do I give value to my client, yet making ends meet?”

“How do I meet the company’s expectation? How do I protect business ethics?”

“How do I make myself happy at the end of the creative process?”

There’s no straight jacket answer except two possibilities; #value and #influence.

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eagles basketball players

UPH EAGLES, Basketball and POST-COVID Reflections

As introverts (and people at large), there were a couple of things we took for granted pre-COVID. Sitting in the basketball court during service today, (yeah, we set up the court now for church service), reminds me of days when basketball games were a thing here.

UPH Eagles had a match once with an outside team and it was kind of a big game. UPH Eagles were (and still are) one of the best around here, so was the opposing team. Hence, the hype. I was invited to come watch.

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