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A man posted a video, making some claims. I’ll transcribe it below and share my thoughts on the content of the video afterwards.

“Stop telling people your problem.  70% of people cannot help you. 25% of people are happy that you are in trouble. Only 5% of people are in a position to help you. May you be led to the people who have the ability and capacity to help you. You’ll be fine”

End of video.

Here’s what I think…

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We have come to this isle of beauty


Flung aboard, beheaded like the great Cisero

Whatever aero could make us hero was easily turned to zero

Our choice was made into trance

We were made to believe we had no chance

But in this isle of beauty that we have made into a deity

May we find propitiation in the sacrifice of our sobriety

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There is this American guy who has come to church for the past three weeks in the same clothes – same shirt, same brown pants, same dark red trainers and believe it or not, same bow tie.

Today again, I marveled at it. Same clothes every Sunday for the past three weeks and I ask myself, “Was it forced or a choice?”

In retrospection, I look back at the life I have lived thus far and a question frequently pops up as I try to make sense of the outcomes; “Was it forced or a choice?”

I ask myself, “Could I have done it differently? Would that have changed the outcome?”

Life is what it is – cause and effect.

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Two things I’ve struggled with on Sundays has been going to church with a notebook and dressing to church here the way I used to dress back in Nigeria.

Growing up, if there was anything we look forward to on Sundays, it was putting on our best clothes. Right from infant, church was a big deal – my mum made sure of that.

In the same vein, we had Sunday school teachers who almost made it a call of duty to teach us and demand we always come to church with a bible to read, a book to write on and a pen to do it with. It was part of our costumes for Sunday service – a total package.

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