What 2020 has taught me thus far:

  1. Bad things happen to good people, yeah.

Lots of bad things and news happened round the world, and everyone felt it. Whether you were involved or not, it still affected everybody. So, you gotta prepare for the worst.

  1. Good things happen to people who take chances.

In this 2020, I got an opportunity of a lifetime that is changing my life for great. I know of people who, despite the pandemic, has grown in leaps and bounds in career and finances. Some have ‘found’ themselves and doing very well.

  1. Time and chance.

I’ve met so many lovely people online than I’ve met in real life. It seems I had to travel out before I could meet some new friends that I’ve made. Even without having a physical contact yet, they have become a welcome part of my life and growth. I learn t that God brings people into your life at different times that will probably not follow the conventional way of meeting.

  1. We are all opportunists.

Forget about everyone trying to act cool and not like they are taking advantage of people to make sales or improve on their finances or something. We are all opportunists. 2020 forced itself on us, and we all ended up being at home with nothing but our phones and the internet. And miraculously, everybody became an online something; seller, teacher, writer, or simply strolling around all of internet, catching cruise.

  1. COVID made studies harder!

Learning in a new environment and completely different method of teaching and learning is already difficult. Now imagine being forced to do it in a strange situation through uncharted waters. Transferring all modes of teaching to online classes and assignments was very difficult, and as student, I had more and more to do on my own with little prompt feedback. It affected my grades, but I’m glad I’m catching up already.

  1. There’s a difference between survive and thrive.

We were two who came here to study, and watching the two of us evolve, I’ve practically learnt what it meant to survive and what it meant to thrive. Sadly, I have thrived, while he only tried to survive. Now, he’s had to go back home (prematurely) while I have to continue the quest to thrive and make the best…


Conclusively, the death of Chadwick Boseman is what I’m adding right now as an afterthought (I already wrote these lessons six days before posting!). Chadwick’s death has taught me to live life with purpose, as it could be my last. It’s a call to duty!

If you would, can you share one or two things 2020 has taught you in the comments section? I would love to learn from you.❣❣❣